Self Care in The Post George Pell Conviction

We realise that these are difficult times for people who have been sexually assaulted in their childhood.  It is difficult to avoid hearing details of various crimes.  However if you are finding the situation overwhelming be kind to yourself and take care of yourself by

  1. Limiting your exposure to the various media around including social media.  You do not have to read, watch or listen to everything if it is causing you distress.
  2. Talk to a counsellor or close, trusted friend if you are finding it particularly hard.  Call 1800 806 292 which is the 24 hour Sexual Crisis Line.
  3. Keep to a routine or establish a routine.  Make sure you get plenty of sleep, exercise and eat regular meals.  A routine can help you settle down.
  4. Treat yourself to activities that you enjoy.  Watch your favourite show on TV, have a bath, listen to music, reflexology.  Have a massage if you enjoy them.
  5. Meditate if that is an activity you enjoy.  We tend to meditate when we feel good not when we need to re centre ourselves.
  6. If work is proving challenging take a day off and pamper yourself.
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