SAB and PSB worker orientation manual

An orientation manual for those newly employed in the SAB or PBS sector.  Designed to set the scene before your formal training begins.

G10 - Assessment – The J-SOAP II

The Juvenile Sex Offender Assessment Protocol-II (J-SOAP-II) is a checklist for reviewing risk factors associated with sexual and criminal offending. It is designed for use with Boys aged 12 to 18 years who have been adjudicated for sexual offenses AND Non-adjudicated youths with a history of sexually coercive behaviour (from the J-SOAP II manual).

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G11 - Assessment of females who engage in SABs

But what about assessment and treatment of females? What do we know about them, in terms of why they engage in these behaviours? How do we assess the behaviours, and how do we treat them? Are they the same as boys who sexually harm? Let’s look at the issues related to treatment of females, especially in the context of Victoria’s Therapeutic Treatment Order (TTO) system.

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G12 - Treatment – The Four Pillar Model

The Four Pillar model describes principles for the treatment that is undertaken with Sexually Abusive youth by the Sexually Abusive Behaviour Treatment service (SABTs), and is a framework for you to ‘hang’ your own therapeutic techniques on. It does not tell you how to do the work. Rather, it guides you on what needs to be achieved along the way.

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G13 - Treatment considerations for females who engage in SABs

Females and young women who engage in sexually abusive behaviours (SABs) present unique challenges to our treatment system, our services and our clinicians. This is due to a number of issues. Girls currently comprise less than 10% of the referrals received by Sexually Abusive Behaviour Treatment Services (SABTS). This percentage has not altered significantly over the past ten years of TTO service across Victoria.

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G14 - Safety planning

A safety plan involves managing defined behaviour(s). It should take into consideration the assessed risk involved with the behaviour. In ‘pure’ safety plans, only the defined behaviours are managed via the plan, however some safety plans attempt to increase healthy behaviours as part of the broader plan to moderate the risk behaviours.

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G15 - Impact of pornography on sexually abusive youth

An emerging body of research indicates that pornography has had a significant influence on both adults’ and adolescents’ sexual practices. From body image through to sexual behaviour, pornography provides a template for how young people should look, and how they should behave sexually.

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